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Why We Love Being a Michigan Roofing Company

michigan roofingAt Roof Advance, we love being a part of the Michigan community. Michigan gets its fair share of negative feedback when it comes to torrential snowstorms and pothole-filled roads but, there’s something wonderful about living in this northern state. As many a southeast Michigander are experiencing their first snowfall of the season, we thought it no better time to list off some of the reasons why we love being a Michigan roofing company.


Winter Wonderland

If you’ve lived in Michigan for pretty much any amount of time, you’ll have likely developed a thick winter skin. Have you ever gone down to Florida in the spring only to see locals sporting jackets and scarves while you’re in your shorts and flip flops? Michiganders are a rare breed of people, able to tolerate both heavy snowfalls and high humidity. At Roof Advance, we believe this makes for an overall well-rounded individual and it has certainly challenged our team of professional roofers to perform well no matter the elements! While Michigan winters can be long and bleak, they do challenge us to get creative. Michigan has some of the best sledding around and with no shortage of snow supply, families have access to this fun winter activity for a significant chunk of the year. Perhaps we’re making lemons out of lemonade, but sledding is definitely one of our favorite wintertime activities! If you’ve ever stepped out to your porch to be met with widespread, glistening snow first thing in the morning, then you know what we mean we say a fresh snowfall is one of the most beautiful sights around! Thankfully, there’s plenty of snow in Michigan for everyone!


michigan roofingFour Seasons

No, we’re not talking about a sunroom–we’re talking about Michigan! As a Michigan roofing business, some seasons are busier than others. While many of our clients schedule work during the spring and summer, we do get our fair share of calls during the fall and winter. Believe it or not, there are many places who don’t experience the beauty of all four seasons. Thankfully, Michigan has the unique opportunity to offer them all! With four seasons to experience each year, it’s like being in a totally different state as seasons change. Honestly, is there anything better than a Michigan autumn? What about jumping into Lake Michigan on a hot summer’s day or taking a breezy walk on a dusky spring evening? In Michigan, we truly experience it all!


michigan roofingVariety & Culture

As a local Ann Arbor roofing company, we feel proud to be a part our community. Not only is Ann Arbor breathtakingly beautiful, it’s also family friendly and culturally unique. But, outside of Ann Arbor there are many Michigan communities brimming with cultural diversity, history, and heritage. If you’re ever in need of a quick getaway, simply packing up the car for a day or weekend trip to a neighboring town will do the trick. Few things are better than going up north for a weekend and in Michigan, there’s plenty of “north” to go around!

As you can see, being a roofing company in Michigan isn’t all that bad. In fact, we like it a lot! After being an Ann Arbor roofing business for over 20 years, we think we’ll stay put a while longer. Thanks for making our community so great!

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