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What are the Most Common Gutter Problems?

Everything on your home appears to be in great condition. But there is one thing you may have overlooked. Have you looked at your gutters lately? You may think that your gutters are no big deal, but they can severely impact the quality of your home. There are many ways you can maintain proper gutters, but first, let’s discuss the signs of a neglected gutter system.

1. Gutter Clogs

When you have clogged gutters, water can easily cause havoc to your home. If your gutters are overflowing that means they may be filled with a combination of debris, leaves, bird droppings, plants or anything that happens to blow in the wind. Signs that your gutters are overflowing include water running over your gutters, peeling or chipped paint on your siding, dirt accumulating on your siding, or soggy ground. Installing gutter guards can help protect your home from water & make your gutters flow properly.

2. Gutter Sagging

Gutters are designed to protect the structural integrity of your home. For your gutters to work properly, the need to be installed accurately. This means when your gutters do not have the proper hangers, or they are poorly spaced, they may not be able to withstand the weight of the gutters. Fixing sagging is generally easy to accomplish with the proper maintenance

3. Gutter Holes

Another sign to take notice when you are checking the integrity of your gutters are holes. The holes in your gutters can be caused for a variety of reasons, such as rust, debris, or punctures caused by falling trees or sharp tools. Fortunately repairing them are quick and affordable.

4. Leaky Gutter Joints

When your gutter fails to move the water away from your home you have a leaky gutter problem. The joints between the lengths of your gutters can deteriorate over time. This corrosion is caused by debris and water and can cause damage to your home’s exterior or interior. Although leaky gutter joints can be a nuisance, these areas can easily be repaired and sealed. Roof Advance will inspect your gutters for free to help you assess the extent of your gutter damage caused by leaky joints.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

  • Clean Gutters: Check your gutters regularly to make sure they are clear of debris.
  • Secure Gutters: Remove all gutter spikes and replace them with gutter screws. Gutter screws provide support and security because they are designed to pass through the entire gutter into the fascia. If you don’t feel comfortable maintaining your roofs gutters, request a free inspection from Roof Advance.
  • Seal Leaks: Use a water hose to check the gutter joints and seams for leaks. To repair a leak, clean the area thoroughly and seal it.
  • Repair Downspouts: Make sure that the downspouts of your gutter system are clean of debris and check that the joints fit tightly.
  • Water Runoff: Make sure that the water flowing out of your downspouts are directed away from your home.

Contact Roof Advance for Gutter Installation Services

Noticing the early warning signs of your gutters can eliminate the long-term damages to your home. Roof Advance has experts trained in inspecting your existing gutter system to determine their condition. For your free estimate contact our team at 734-436-3204 or book an appointment to set up your gutter installation or repair.

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