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3 Tips for Caring for Your Roof During Winter


Are you worrying about winter? Does the thought of snow & icy rain give you a chill? Taking care of your roof during those long winter days doesn’t need to be stressful. The holidays are coming and we want your winter to be filled with wonder, not worry! Here are three of our biggest concerns for your roof this winter and what you need to know to prevent them:

Remove Snow Build-Up

Roofs are designed to handle the elements. Snow, rain, and debris commonly collect on you roof, especially in flatter areas. However, snow buildup can be a potential problem. The best way to protect your roof from snow damage is by investing in a snow rake. A snow rake is a simple tool that allows you to remove dangerous buildup from your roof, all while standing safely on the ground. To use, gently pull the rake towards you down the slope of your roof, being careful to stand away from falling snow. It’s important to never push or pull snow across your roof as this could tear away shingles and cause unwanted damage. This simple yet proactive approach can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage. During a snowstorm, we recommend clearing your roof multiple times throughout the day to prevent heavy snow buildup.

Remove Ice Build-Up

Just as you remove snow build-up, you should also keep an eye on your roof for ice build-up. Ice can be especially dangerous if left accumulating for too long. The biggest areas of ice accumulation are your gutters. While icicles may look festive for the holidays they are a major threat to your roof. You can easily prevent icicles from growing by simply knocking them down with a broom or an extended pole. Please use caution: While the act of knocking down icicles may bring out your inner kid again, you could potentially wipe out your entire gutter if you knock them too hard. Gutting your gutters of icicles is especially important in preventing what is perhaps the worst winter worry when it comes to your roof: ice dams.

Ice Dams

Roof Advance - Ice DamsThese extremely dangerous winter hazards can not only damage your roof and gutter system, they can also damage the interior of your home. If you notice an ice dam forming it is important to fix the problem right away. An ice dam is essentially a large clump of ice near the edge of your roof. If left long enough an ice dam can freeze your gutter and block snow from falling off your roof. You can prevent ice dams from forming by first staying on top of snow and icicle build-up. Regular raking ensures your roof stays clear of prolonged debris. If an ice dam does form, it’s important to follow a few expert tips. Try using a chemical de-icer. Make sure that water can flow freely from your gutters as ice begins to melt. Use an ice pick to gently chip away at large clumps of ice, removing them piece by piece from your gutter. As always, remember to stand away from your roof to protect yourself from falling objects.

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