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Roof Replacement in Canton – Scott P Testimony

When Scott P of Canton noticed a leak in his garage, he knew he needed a trusted roofer. He found Roof Advance through HomeAdvisor.com and within a day of contacting the owner, Jakob, had set an appointment to come out and take a look. Jakob ended up finding out there was a much bigger problem that, if left uncorrected, could have caused major damage to his house. We asked both Scott and Jakob about this experience.

Q: What was the issue that required a roofing company?
Jakob: It was a visible leak in the garage that he wanted repaired.

Q: What was the inspection process like?
Jakob: When I got there, I walked the roof and found that the plywood was soft and spongy, not only in the area that it was leaking inside, but way above that also. I explained to Scott that the leak may be starting way above that spot that he saw in the garage.

Scott: Jakob the owner inspected my roof and offered to repair not just my area of concern but also to check the entire roof.

Q: What was the process of repairing the roof?
Jakob: I told him to fix that leak properly we would need to tear off a bigger area and replace some plywood. Although when I inspected the entire roof, I found more places similar to the garage area, and the real issue was that the roof was not vented properly. This is what causes premature deterioration of the plywood and shingles.  I offered him a roof replacement quote, with additional soffits and ridge vents, to help ventilate the attic.

Scott: He showed me issues I was unaware of which lead me to move forward with a full roof replacement including plywood replacement in the required areas.

Q: How was your experience working with the Roof Advance?
Scott: The crew was prompt and worked quickly and the new roof looks great.


We want to help our customers make the right decision about their roof. Sometimes doing a roof repair isn’t the best option and a roof replacement will end up costing less in the long run.

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