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Why A Roof Inspection Is So Important

Roof repair storm damageIt is summer again and with it can bring severe weather. Often storm damage can cause all kinds of trouble to your roof. Roof damage from a storm can be hidden and go undetected so its always important to get it inspected. Do you know what to do when that massive storm hits?

Causes of roof damage

High winds – The previous roof can be left to the elements after strong winds tear or take off the existing shingles.

Hail РHail can damage the protective covering of the roof which can lead to further damage form wind or rain

What can you do?

You can take steps to asses the storm damage yourself. Here are some tips. Please remember that a lot of damage goes unnoticed and without a timely fix it could possible lead to a bigger headache in the future. Call Roof Advance today and receive a quality no cost inspection.

  • Look for signs of damage like torn or dented, shingles, and missing shingles.
  • Please check for dents in your gutter. These could point to some hidden damage that often goes unnoticed.
  • You can also look for leaks and water spots in your ceiling. This is an obvious sign of roof damage.
  • Always call a roofing company you trust to asses the damage. Looking for quality reviews is strongly suggested

It is best to call a roofing contractor to asses your damage before calling your insurance company. Getting a professional second opinion on the damage is the best course of action. Sometimes the insurance company will send someone out that inst properly trained with the expertise that a qualified roofer would be. Having a trustworthy and licensed roofing contractor can  tell you that it would be cheaper to pay for a repair than calling your insurance company and having to pay the deductible. This could save you some money. Be smart!


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