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Larry C – Why I Hired Roof Advance

Larry C. lives in Canton, MI and recently needed work done on his roof because of some damage from a storm. After checking out several roofing companies he decided to hire Roof Advance and has been very pleased with his decision. We had the pleasure of interviewing him to find out more as to why he chose us:

Q: Why did you need to hire a roofing company?
A: I had roof damage from high winds and hail.  Several shingles had come off and exposed the roof and I feared for leakage into the interior of my home for water and pests.

Q: What shingle did you chose?
A: I choose the Atlas StormMaster Shake with ScotchGuard in Desert Color.

Q: What was the process you went through in choosing a roofing company?
A: I went to two other roofing companies before I met with Jakob of Roof Advance.  The other two companies came to my home late, after the time we had scheduled.  They seemed to be limited with their time in our meeting and rushed through what they felt that I needed.  When I met with Jakob, he was on time.  He took the time to explain, in detail, exactly what his company would do with respect to the under layer, the possible replacement of plywood, how each shingle would take six nails and the fact that my present roof had staples, and he gave me the approximate time that it would take to complete.  All the request for quotes were competitively priced, within $500 or less from each other, so I chose Roof Advance because of the time given to explain the details of the materials that would be used and his knowledge of the subject matter.

Q: How was working with the Roof Advance throughout your service?
A: Working with Roof Advance was of the highest professionalism.  The crew, led by Phillip, were punctual and thorough.  They cleaned up and when they left so there was no evidence that any work had been done around the home.

Q: Any other comments you would like to make.
A: Yes!  The two most important questions in any survey is “Would you use the company again” and “Would you recommend them to a friend.”  My answer is most assuredly yes to both.  Working with Roof Advance left me with the confidence that they were a company that exuded professionalism, knowledge of subject matter, expertise, timeliness and engaging personalities.  I am happy with my decision to use Roof Advance for my roof installation.

We are proud that we have yet another happy customer.  If you need you house repaired replaced give us a call, 734-255-3237 or request and estimate online.

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