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How to Protect Your Roof Tiles when Decorating

It’s that time of the year again! At Roof Advance, we enjoy the holidays just as much as you do! We understand the importance of holiday decorating in order to spread the holiday cheer! Setting up holiday displays on top of your roof can be damaging and dangerous , if you do not take the proper safety precautions. Roof Advance wants you to have a happy and safe holiday while protecting your roof tiles.

Here are a list of tips on how to protect your roof tiles or yourself while decorating:


Wear the right type of clothing and shoes. Shoes that completely cover your foot such as sneakers are the best choice. Clothing should be comfortable and easy to navigate around in. Clothing should also not be too loose to the point that it could get caught on to something.


Ensure that all the lights work before using them to decorate your roof. Also, make sure that the lights have high quality wiring. Faulty wiring could be a fire hazard. When decorating for the holidays ,many people pre-mount certain decorations on plywood to minimize the set up time when being on top of the roof.

Damaged Tiles 

Lastly, check to see if the roof is damaged from holiday decorating. Check for loose or broken tiles. Call a Michigan roofing expert like Roof advance to fix them.

The most important takeaway is to have a plan. By pre-planning how and where you want to place your items, you can decrease the time spent on top of your roof and the chances of roof damage being done. One of the great perks of getting a roof from Roof Advance in Michigan is that it is high quality and long lasting. The roofs that we build are durable and aesthetically appealing. Our other services include gutter replacement, roof insulation and roof repair.  Contact us to get your roofing quote before the holidays now!