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How to Know When your Porch Needs a New Roof

porch roofWhen you think of curb appeal, what do you imagine? Perhaps you envision a lush green lawn, a white picket fence, and pristine windows. You may even picture sitting on a beautiful porch while sipping lemonade as your wave to the neighbors. When you think of curb appeal, do you think of your roof? If not, you might want to reconsider.

Your roof is what makes a first impression to people as they pass by or visit your home. The quality of your roof contributes to whether that impression will be good or bad. As a local roofing company that serves the Ann Arbor area, we want your home to make a lasting impression. Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Canton are thriving, up-and-coming areas made beautiful by people like you and the homes you live in. Beyond the condition of your roof in its entirety, there is one key area that is often overlooked: your porch’s roof.

porch roof

The roof above your porch is a vital piece to your home’s curb appeal. Not only that, it can also serve as an important structural element to the design and function of your home. If the roof over your porch begins to fade, it could be an indication of a larger issue. But, in many cases, proper maintenance and care can protect your home overtime and preserve the investment you made in your home’s roof. When maintaining your roof’s integrity, check your porch for these red flags:

Bulges, Dips, & Stains

A bulge or dip in your roof can indicate water damage. This is the kind of problem that requires immediate attention. Letting a bulge or dip in your roof linger for too long can cause structural damage and result in unwanted work or even injuries from a potential collapse. A dip in your roof line can indicate rot underneath, which is never a good thing. Stains can also indicate water damage. At any rate, you should contact your local roofing company if you notice any of the above issues.

Shingle DamageĀ 

Porch Roof Roof Advance - Bad Roof Shingles

When your roof was installed, the roofing above your porch should have been fitted with proper ventilation. Proper ventilation prolongs the life of your roof. If your local roofing company did not properly install ventilation or didn’t install enough ventilation, you could find yourself with unexpected damage-related costs. Take a moment and step outside to look at your roof. Take careful note to look at the shingles. Are any curling or buckling? Are any missing? Are certain patches uneven? Also take a moment to inspect your gutters. Is there any shingle-related debris inside your gutters? If you are discovering uneven shingles that are curling at the edges or buckling, shingle debris in your gutter, or stains, dips, and bulges in the roof above your porch, these are all strong indications that you need professional work done. Be sure to ask your roofer to explain what the issue is and where it is coming from. Have your roofing professional show you how to maintain your roof and prevent future damage. You can also ask about different types of roofing materials and how various materials can help your roof. For more information on roofing materials, click here.

As a local Ann Arbor roofing company, we care about our community. Roof Advance has been family owned and operated for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve worked hard to make sure each and every roofing job is done with accuracy and quality. We believe in offering dependable services to our community and strive to offer the best roofing work possible. Schedule your free estimate today.

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