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How to Inspect Your Roof

Ann Arbor Roof Replacement - Roof AdvanceMost homeowners don’t think about how often they inspect different areas of their house naturally. You probably notice a leaking faucet when you go to take a shower, a loose deck board when you go out to enjoy the sunshine and peeling wallpaper when you go to bed. But your roof is a different story. Since it is not easily visible, it rarely gets the notice it needs. However, it is just as, if not more important to inspect your roof as other areas of your house. Undiagnosed problems can lead to leaks, rot, mold and other expensive issues if not taken care of right away. Make sure you get up on a ladder and check on it at least every six months and also after a big storm. Here is a checklist of items to notice when you inspect your roof.

  1. Gutters and downspouts. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are free of debris including leaves, twigs and trash, allowing water to flow freely off the roof and to the ground.  This is important so that water and snow doesn’t back up and sit on the roof causing it to rot and leak.
  1. Fascia. When you check your gutters also make sure the fascia isn’t rotting so it can support the gutters properly. If not, your gutters could fall causing damage to property or people.
  1. Build-up of moss, algae or leaves. Check your roof for moss, algae or leaves as these can cause damage to the shingles which will lead to leaks and water damage down the road.
  1. Damaged shingles. Also make sure your shingles aren’t curled, ripped, torn. Any damage to your shingles causes them to not protect the roof properly which will lead to leaks.
  1. Missing shingles. Another problem is missing shingles which exposes the roof underneath to the elements leading to any number of water related problems. If shingles are missing they need to be replaced right away and the roof underneath needs to be checked for damage.
  1. Worn shingles. If the shingles have granule loss from age or storm it means they are no longer protecting your home properly and need to be replaced. This is not as urgent as damaged or missing shingles but still needs to be addressed for the health of your roof.
  1. Flashing around openings. The areas around your chimney or pipes that come out of the roof should be protected from water getting in by flashing. If it is damaged it can lead to leaks, mold and expensive issues.
  1. Attic. Lastly, check your attic for leaks or sign of water damage. If your roof is in good shape your attic should be dry with no water spots on the ceiling. If there are you may have missed something in your inspection of the roof and need to call a professional to address where the problem is coming from.

If you find any problems call a reputable roofing company like Roof Advance for a free quote and quick, professional service.

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