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How to De-Ice Your Roof

With winter almost upon us it’s a good idea to keep up on de-icing your roof and gutters. If snow and ice are left on the roof for too long, they can cause all kinds of damage from cracks and leaks to harming people or property below or taking shingles off with it when the ice shelf finally falls. If you aren’t quite sure where to start with safely removing the ice from your home, then look no further than these tips on how to de-ice your roof.

De-icing Your Roof: Heat Cables for Prevention

If your home is not properly insulated or for those areas that lack it such as a garage, you can get a jump on the ice with preventative maintenance such as heat cables. These are installed on your roof and run off electricity. They heat the roof so that ice doesn’t have a chance to form. If you wait too long, however, and already have snow on your roof this won’t solve your problem, but we have a few other solutions for you.

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De-icing Your Roof: Snow Rake for Prevention

Ice dams, icicles and frozen gutters all form when the heat from your house escapes melting the bottom layer of snow. When this melted snow reaches a colder area of the roof, such as the eaves, it refreezes and creates all these ice problems. It can also trickle under the shingles and cause a leak in your house. Another way to prevent ice shelves is to rake the snow off your roof after a storm. They sell snow rakes that allow you to manage this easily from the ground. Keeping snow off your roof will help prevent it from freezing.

De-icing Your Roof: Breaking Ice for Removal

If the snow on your roof has already frozen, you can carefully remove it by breaking it into small chunks. This must be done very carefully with a blunt mallet rather than any sharp instrument. You can also call a roofing company to come out and do this for you if you are worried about damaging your roof.

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De-icing Your Roof: Chemicals for Removal

Another safer way to remove the ice is with chemicals such as calcium chloride. Do not use sodium chloride or rock salt as it will damage your roof. The best way to apply the calcium chloride is by putting it in some panty hose and laying it over the ice dam and hanging off the gutter. The chemical will slowly melt the ice and will not damage your roof in the process.

In order to permanently prevent ice dams, you need to make sure your roof is well insulated and ventilated and that there are no leaks where air can get in. If you need to have your roof inspected before the bad weather hits, call Roof Advance and have their team of professionals perform a roof tune-up for you.

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