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How to Choose the Right Shingle | Roof Advance

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If you’re in the market for replacing your roof, chances are you’re wondering what kind of shingle you should use. In this blog we’ll break down the different types of shingles Roof Advance offers as well as some helpful tips in choosing a color and style that fits your home. Before we dive into shingle styles, it’s important to note what kind of roof you’ll be getting with a Roof Advance roof

Our Ann Arbor roofing company is a certified installer for  GAF,  Certainteed, Owens Corning, and Atlas shingle manufacture companies. We offer what is called an Integrity Roof System. With an Integrity Roof System you gain the advantage of having CertainTeed as your single manufacturing source to stand behind its roof system components.

Hip & Ridge Accessories

Accessory shingles are used to finish the hips and ridges of the roof and are designed to complement the appearance of CertainTeed shingles.

CertainTeed Shingles

High-quality shingles available in a wide variety of styles and colors, covered by the strongest warranty in the business. Flintlastic® roll roofing products are also available for flat roof areas.

Roofers’ Select or DiamondDeck

High-performance underlayment provides a protective water-resistant layer over the roof deck and a secondary barrier against leaks.


Waterproofing shingle underlayment prevents leaks from wind-driven rain and ice dams in vulnerable areas.

Starter Shinglesshingles roof advance

Starter shingles are designed to work specifically with each different type of CertainTeed shingle for maximum performance.

As your premiere local roofing company we strive to provide as much information to our clients as possible. We believe it’s important for each of our customers to understand the ins and outs of what our roofing company will be doing to your roof–it is your home, after all!

ATLAS Roofing Corporation is a roofing manufacturer that has become an industry leader of residential and commercial roofing shingles. They have product distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada and ship worldwide. They also take pride in their Professionals and Certified Roofing Contractors – That’s US!

Pinnacle Pristine Shingles with Scotchgard defend against algae and help retain original color. These high performance dimensional roofing shingles provide extreme wind resistance and are more attractive than your ordinary asphalt shingles.

We also carry Certainteed Residential Roofing products. With more than 300 roofing options to choose from, and quality standards that lead the industry, you can rest easily knowing CertainTeed has you covered – See more at: http://www.certainteed.com/residential-roofing/

Stormmaster Shake Shingles are high wind and impact resistant shingle. Featuring Scotchgard for algae resistance. These roofing shingles resist cracking, splitting, warping and shrinking in both hot and cold temperatures, perfect for our Michigan weather. ATLAS Roofing is one of the few roofing manufacturer that offers Rubberized Shingles. These shingles create the most durable impact-resistant shingle. Some home owners insurances offer a discount for having rubberized shingles.

How to choose a shingle color 

When choosing the color of your roof’s shingles, there’s usually two categories you can fall into: blending or contrasting. Both of these options really just depend on your personal taste. Do you want your home to blend in with its surroundings? Or, do you want to stand out a bit more? Do you want your roof to blend with the color of your brick or siding? Or, do you want your roof to contrast with your brick/siding? Whichever option you choose, ask your roofing expert for advice and samples.

shingles roof advance When you choose Roof Advance to be your Ann Arbor roofing company, you can rest assured knowing your home is getting the best treatment possible. Our certified products are made with quality and care. Take some of the worry off your plate and let our roofers work for you! You’ll find that our roofing company is not only reliable an dependable but also competitively priced. We also offer finance options. For more information about our financing options click here.

For more updates be sure to follow us on Facebook. See what our customers are saying about their experiences with our local roofing company. As always, we offer a free estimate. Schedule your free estimate today by calling us at (734) 255-3237 or clicking here.

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