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How to Find a Great Ann Arbor Roofing Company

Finding a good, trustworthy Ann Arbor roofing company can be daunting. A typical option is to ask friends or family for recommendations, but what if none of your friends or family has had their roof replaced? Here are a few options that you can use to find an Ann Arbor roofer:

1 Google Search. The most common option is to type search Ann Arbor roofing company in Google search and see what pops up. This will generate a lot of search results and you will have to sort through to find the roofing company that works for you.

2 Use Home Advisor. It helps match consumers with contractors in their area. By answering a series of question their system will match you with qualified contractors. You can click on the company’s profile, see their overall rating, read reviews and information about the company.

3 Use Yelp. This site is popular site that is based on user recommendations or reviews. You have the ability to search for a roofer in a specific city. Yelp offers a map search function so you can find the closest contractor. Also, the search results show the average star ratings and the number of reviews.

Roof Advance - Yelp Screenshot


4 Facebook. Did you know that Facebook has the ability to search for business based on keywords? What makes this a great option are the several functions it offers: the ability to search on a map, the overall rating the company has based on their reviews, the number of reviews they have and the filtering options they offer.

Roof Advance - Facebook Screenshot

We are confident that you will be able to find a great Ann Arbor roofing company using one of these search options.  Keep in mind that one of the best indications of the quality of company is their overall review rating in relation to the number of reviews. If they have a number of reviews and a low overall rating we suggest that look for another roofer. Also, it is good to check the company out on multiple sites. If you find the roofer you are interested in you can look them up on the other search options we mentioned and see how they rate and if they have any negative reviews. In addition, we recommend that you look up the company on the Better Business Bureau website to see if there are any claims against them.

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