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Cool Christmas Light Displays

The holidays are coming! It’s that exciting time of year when you can finally showcase those Instagram-worthy Christmas light displays you’ve been storing since last year’s after-Christmas sale. Or is it? Let’s be honest, have you ever really enjoyed hanging up your Christmas lights? Between digging out those dusty storage bins to untangling world-record breaking knots to climbing up a remarkably shaky ladder, getting your home ready for the ho-ho-holidays can feel more like, no, no, no.

Roof Advance Christmas Lights Displays

Not to fear! At Roof Advance, we want showing off your roof to be as sweat and pain free as possible all year round (especially so you can finally one-up the competition across the fence). The first step in making your holiday decorating dreams come true? Inspiration! Here are some of the coolest Christmas light displays in all the land:  

You can’t beat the traditional look of hanging lights from your gutters or eves. Nowadays you can even buy lights that program to your favorite songs. Whether you choose multicolored bulbs or streamlined white or blue icicles, synchronizing your lights to some of your favorite winter-time tunes will give you some serious skin in the game.  

Think those inflatable decorations that seem to pop up on every corner are tacky? Think again! It may seem almost too easy to plop a penguin on your roof but what’s cooler than seeing reindeer flying from your chimney?

Still on the fence about decorating your roof this year? We’ve got you covered. Walmart, Target, Home Depot and even online retailers like Amazon can’t get enough of LED light projectors. This is seriously your no-sweat, no-fuss decorating option. With many more retailers picking up on the idea you’ll have plenty of designs to choose from. For more ideas check out Good Housekeeping’s roundup of their top 17 Christmas light designs.

As a home or property owner, you’ve made one of the wisest investments by trusting your roof to our experienced roof experts. Here’s to making your roof the star of your Christmas lights this year!

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