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Common Roofing Problems | Roof Advance

Roofing problems are one of every homeowner’s worst nightmares. Not only can it be costly and time consuming to repair the issue but if left too long it can allow the elements to damage the inside of your home and your belongings. Keep an eye out for these top four common roofing problems and call Roof Advance, the best roofing company in Canton, at the first sign for a cost effective and quick fix.Roofing Problems solved by Roof Advance


Whether it is caused by an animal, a technician installing something like a satellite dish, a falling branch or even inclement weather like a hail storm, a puncture to your roof can lead to disaster. The tricky part is that if is a small hole you may not even notice it until the damage is done, which is why it is important to have your roof inspected periodically and after any big storms. Making sure you hire professional and reputable companies for anything that needs installed on the roof is another way to protect from unnecessary damage as is trimming any trees that are near your roof to prevent falling limbs and easy access for animals. Punctures can pose a real roofing problem but with proper maintenance, extreme damage can be avoided.


Punctures, loose flashing, missing shingles and clogged gutters can all lead to another roof issue: leaks. No matter what caused it, you need to hire a reputable Canton roofer like Roof Advance as soon as you notice the leak because if left unrepaired it can lead to all kinds of other problems in your home. Our helpful technicians will trace the leak back to its source and let you know your options for a solution. Leaks are a dangerous roofing problem so it’s important to have them addressed as soon as you notice them.


A bit sneakier but just as damaging as a leak is moisture trapped under your roof. This is especially problematic in the winter when warm, humid air from inside the house meets the cold roof and condenses. The moisture that builds up can cause just as much damage as a leak from outside leading to mold, rot and a whole host of other problems. An easy way to prevent this is by making sure you have good insulation in your attic so the heat stays in your house and doesn’t turn to condensation on your roof. Another measure to put in place is to have adequate ventilation in your attic so if the heat does escape it has a way out instead of being trapped under a cold roof. Ignoring moisture buildup could cause sizable roofing problems to your home. Our roofing experts can help take this burden off of your shoulders.

Roofing Problems Solved by Roof Advance


Another problem caused by lack of insulation and poor ventilation is blistering. When hot air gets trapped in the attic it causes the shingles to bubble and not protect your roof properly. Another cause of a blistering roof is when moisture gets underneath the shingle and then heats up due to direct sunlight. You can prevent blisters by venting and properly insulating your attic and by making sure the shingles are installed correctly so that moisture doesn’t get underneath.

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