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Best Fall Activities in Michigan

Fall attractions in MichiganOne of the best parts about living in Michigan is being able to enjoy four seasons year-round. While it may seem like Michigan teeters back and forth between winter & construction season, we can assure that there are four seasons in there somewhere, with one of our favorites being fall. Is there anything more beautiful than a Michigan autumn when its trees are at peak color? If you’ve ever enjoyed a relaxing drive up north or spent a weekend on one of the Great Lakes, you know what we’re talking about. There’s just nothing quite like a good Michigan fall. In this blog we’ll walk you through some of Michigan’s top attractions during the fall season, many of which are right here in Washtenaw County. Get ready for a cozy day-trip, fall is fast approaching!


#1 Michigan Cider Mills

One of our favorite things about fall is a cup of good ol’ local cider. Fresh-squeezed and brimming with just the right amount of zing, our Michigan apple-farmers know what they’re doing. The only thing that makes Michigan cider taste any better is when pairing it with a hot, fresh donut. Some of locals’ favorite cider mills include:

The Dexter Cider Mill

Wiards Orchards

Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill

If you can make it out to Yates Cider Mill, you definitely won’t regret it!

With activities for the whole family, visiting a local cider mill should be a high priority on your fall bucket list!

Fall attractions in Michigan#2 Michigan-Made Food

Did you know that Michigan offers some of the countries best produce? It’s true! For one, we provide the nation with much of its blueberry population—which is quite the feat! But beyond blueberries, there are many local eats that are especially delectable during the fall. From chocolate-covered cherries, to beef jerky, homemade jams, and fresh salsa, you can cover all your gourmet bases with Michigan eats. Our personal favorites include caramel-covered Michigan apples & fresh black bean corn salsa. Yum!

#Bon Fires, Hiking, Camping, and More!

With 74 state parks, 11 state forests, four national forests, and four national wildlife refuges, you won’t experience a true Michigan autumn without taking some time to get out into the great outdoors. There are literally thousands of campgrounds and campsites peppered throughout both northern and lower Michigan. If you’ve never taken a fall camping trip, we highly suggest scratching it off your bucket list this year. Camping not your thing? What about a lovely day trip for a hike? If you can make it up north, you’re bound to be truly awed by the beauty of all that is Pure Michigan.

Fall attractions in Michigan

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