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Attic Insulation


Helping you save on energy bills

Do you have high home energy bills? One of the most effective ways to combat those high heating and cooling costs is to add insulation to your home. We often find homes do not have the proper amount of insulation.

A very simple solution to your energy bill woes is to give us a call. Insulation can quickly pay for itself, and can save you a lot of money over the course of time in your home. However, the bills won’t get any better unless you call us!

Do you need more attic insulation?

It is very easy to find out if you need more attic insulation. All you need to do is take a flashlight and a tape measure into your attic. The first thing to look for is whether or not there is insulation on the floor in the attic – if you can see the rafters, then you need insulation!

If there is insulation in the attic, take the tape measure to find out how deep it is. If your insulation is cellulose (recycled newsprint), then you should have at least 9-10 inches. If it’s fiberglass (cottony fiber in various colors), then you should have 16-17 inches of insulation.

We all know that insulation during the winter helps with the heating process especially the cold winters in Ann Arbor or Saline. But besides helping with keeping your house warm in the winter, did you know that proper insulation in the summer months can help keep your house cooler?

Insulation helps stop the influx of heat into the home in the summer months. With new insulation you could cut energy bills by 40%, the price to have Roof Advance install it, would pay for itself time and time again.  Another benefit of proper insulation is reducing noise levels; it is a good sound absorber making your home even more quiet.

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